Why should you buy Executive Apartment instead of Condo?

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To usual property purchaser, who are not experienced in buying or marketing, they will not be able set apart between the Executive Condominiums and Condos. But as a residential property applicant, it is very important to learn about the 3 main differences between them:

  • housing grant for exec apartment
  • the restrictions on ownership
  • and cost degree

For example, the EC owner is unable to sell his/her home for the first 5 years. Just five years later on, the proprietors are enabled to sell their EC outdoors market, yet just to Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Locals. And just Ten Years later, the proprietors could market the EC to the foreigners. As a result of these ownership limitations, generally, condos are valued a lot higher (20-25%) compared to executive condominiums. For instance, when it pertains to spending there is a gap between the returns of the investment.


If one has decided to acquire an Exec condominium, he/she should meet the complying with requirements:

  • The customer should be a Singaporean Resident
  • The purchaser’s income have to not be over $14000.
  • If the buyer has not had an additional property during the last 30 months.
  • If the customer has not had more than one Exec condor HDB level.

It is popular that executive apartments are reasonably brand-new developments, while condos have belonged of Singaporean realty for currently 40 years. Nevertheless, there is not a lot of distinctions in between EC and also condos, as both have nearly the exact same facilities, such as tennis courts, exclusive parks, swimming pools, 24/7 security, and so on. But, there are also some essential distinctions, which must be considered. For instance, the Executive Condominiums were produced to be utilized as homes rather than investing assets, due to the restrictions on possession described over.

There are some really remarkable advantages of getting an Executive Condo, as it is restricted to locals’ use as well as has a greater resources recognition.

When contrasting these two kinds– EC as well as condominiums, it is much recommended to obtain the EC, if you do not have strategies to market within a years of buying it. Also, you need to take into account the fact that the EC purchasers can have CPF Real estate gives if they are eligible.

If any of you does not know, the CPF Housing Give is a housing give, provided by the Federal government to assist the legit purchasers, purchasing an Executive Condominium, nearly from $10,000 to $30,000. Normally, the grant is presented to young expert couples, who are getting the Executive Condominium for the first time. So, it is truly proper to get an Executive condominium, if you have actually determined to live there. It is the ideal choice for you.

Not taking into account the constraints on ownership and also the rate void between the EC and condos, you must certainly pick Executive Condo, as a place to live. You could have all the innovative facilities, discussed above. Obviously, it is up to you to determine all, but it is actually recommended to buy the Exec Condominium, as a property as well as a household building.

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