7 Kinds of Driveways: Do You Have the Right One for Your House?

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You most likely don’t invest a great deal of time considering your driveway, but possibly you should. It ends up– like every little thing in your house– there are more methods to lead a pathway to your garage compared to you could assume. In fact, various types of driveway surfaces could update your visual appeal and also transform the whole appearance of your house. On the various other hand, the wrong design might be making your house look shabby and also outdated.

So exactly how do you inform just what’s right for your home? With this handy guide to kinds of driveways, certainly.


Concrete is the old standby for driveways. Most country houses choose this product for two huge reasons: Concrete is generally the longest-lasting driveway surface, and, if mounted properly, it is virtually maintenance-free. However it isn’t really all upside. Concrete can stain quickly– if, say, you work with your automobile in the driveway and you wind up with large pools of spilled oil. You may also run into troubles if you live in a cooler environment as well as require regular de-icing, which could damage down the concrete.

Price: $3 to $10 per square foot

The best fit: Concrete jobs best if you’re trying to find a low-maintenance choice as well as most other homes in your location are already utilizing concrete.


Asphalt driveways are a mix of sand, rock, and also asphalt cement. Commonly, these driveways are available in a basic black (like that made use of on the majority of highways), but we have actually seen some designs stamped with styles making the driveway attract attention. Asphalt is popular since it economicals to mount, however if you go this route, intend on doing some maintenance. The surface is known to crack relatively regularly.

Expense: $2 to $5 per square foot

The most effective fit: Provided the less expensive price, asphalt functions best if you have a huge driveway to cover.

Crushed rock

These driveways are made from loose crushed rock, generally put right into an obstacle to keep points contained. Crushed rock could be a beautiful choice if you have a long, winding nation driveway with a lot of landscaping, but just what it brings in appearances could not deserve it. Due to the fact that the crushed rock is loose, things get shocked conveniently. Plan on replacing the gravel a minimum of every couple of years as well as raking it up often.

Expense: $0.75 to $3 each square foot

The very best fit: Backwoods or homes with oversize yards


Block driveways have a classic feeling (and also they should– brick was utilized in ancient times). Making the driveway, a base with a strong border is put down and also bricks are split throughout, similar to how block residences are made. The outcome is an ageless look that adds a lot of personality to the front of a home, yet that personality features a cost. Block is just one of the much more pricey surface types, but if it is installed right, it might possibly last for decades.

Expense: $10 to $30 each square foot

The best fit: Upscale neighborhoods as well as historical areas


Cobblestone has even more of a Vintage really feel compared to block. However, it does not have a Vintage price to match. Like brick, a well-installed rock driveway could last for decades and even a little deterioration will just make it look a lot more thorough and fascinating.

Price: $20 to $70 each square foot

The most effective fit: Upscale neighborhoods and historic locations, particularly if you have a short driveway


Glass driveways typically aren’t really sheets of glass– they’re more like a mosaic of thick tumbled glass secured with material. These driveways have a few pros. For one, a lot of makers make use of recycled glass, saving it from the land fill (suitable for eco mindful house owners). You’ll likewise have some wiggle room when it concerns color design, since different colors of glass can be blended together. If mounted right, the driveway will not call for much maintenance thanks to the enduring power of resin. You can also checkout¬†Cambridge History

Cost: $8.50 to $18 per square foot

The best fit: Small to average-size driveways


An additional environmentally friendly option, an environment-friendly driveway is available in two shapes. One is an entire lawn surface over a plastic base; the plastic makes the grass secure to own on and also helps the driveway hold its shape. The second choice is a grid, usually made from concrete. The grid has tiny holes that enable grass to peek out, producing an unique look and also providing you a lot more environment-friendly area.

Both options look great yet have one big drawback: Unlike other driveways, you’ll have the added concern of maintaining the turf active. This indicates added expenses and also upkeep.

Price: $4.50 to $8 per square foot

The best fit: Locations where lawn grows conveniently (desert landscapes and warm climates could make it harder to keep).

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